Dr. Maggie Augustyn is simply one of the most inspirational people I have met. In person her presence and demeanor affect you immediately. I have taken advantage of this and have given her a forum for the readers of Dentistry Today magazine both in print and online. We always receive wonderful response from her writings. It is a pleasure working with her.

Dr. Paul Feuerstein, Editor In Chief Dentistry Today

What you said really touched me... I know it resonated with me and some of the other women I was with... I am so glad women are taking more and more about this stuff because there are so many isolating things out there. You spoke so beautifully... thank you!!


In my over 4 decades in dentistry it is a rare occurrence that an individual comes along with the insight and willingness to share their personal journey in dentistry and in life. Maggie Augustyn is a prolific writer whose words leap off the page and hit the target with amazing accuracy and direction for the reader. 

Dr. Bruce Baird, CFI and co-founder of Productive Dentist Academy Honored Fellow of AAID, Diplomat of ICOI, FAGD, International Speaker, Educator, Author

You were perfection up there. You had us all listening to your every word. And looking smoking hot to boot. Thank you, and great job!!


They are not nearly enough speakers in the dental world like Dr. Maggie Augustyn. I have had the honor of having Dr. Maggie speak at my Dental Nachos events multiple times and each time she delivers awesomeness.

Dr. Paul Goodman, Founder of Dental Nachos and Dentist Job Connect

Listening to your story in Vegas was very moving. I'm not even sure how to articulate my feelings about it yet, but wanted to thank you for being brave enough to tell us. I suffer from a lot of the same feelings and have wondered if I deserve to be here on this Earth. I wanted to come up to you and hug you, but it seemed wrong. Anyway... thank you.


Maggie Augustyn girl, I have talked the MOST about your talk. It was probably the best part of an amazing amazing AMAZING weekend. The message of you are enough and stop being humble needs to be screamed at all women. I literally at my office meeting talked about you and how proud I am to now KNOW you. Thank you for sharing yourself and your story with all of us.


Dr. Maggie Augustyn delivers beautiful and impactful messages as she captures her audience. It has been an honor to witness her growth and expansion in the dental space. It is not easy talking about comparison, self-deprecation, self-worth or self-acceptance especially with the grace and eloquence that she delivers. She is bringing true change to this industry.

Dr. Sonia Chopra, Board Certified Endodontist, founder of E-School

Maggie is a passionate speaker and prolific writer with a fresh perspective.  She brings heart, evidence, and practical tips to her audiences and leaves them thinking about her topics for days and weeks afterwards.

Katherine Eitel Belt, CSP, Founder/CEO LionSpeak Communications Coaching

Hi! It was my first summit and I just wanted to say of all the speakers we had, you were my favorite! I was holding back tears bc so much of what you said was so relevant for me. Trying to let go of what others think of me and live my best life, but I still didn't want to be that weirdo ugly crying in front of strong women. I feel empowered to say the least! Thank you so so much!! Xo


Maggie, sometimes u don't realize what ur own words mean. How much they mean to others. But they have meant a lot when I need support. I need that hand to tell me everything will be OK and all of us go thru the same. Thank you sister.


Dr. Maggie Augustyn instantly draws audiences into a journey of self-discovery. Through authentic, raw, unvarnished stories, she weaves. We've had the pleasure of having her as a keynote speaker, opening our conference, and as a trainer in break-out sessions with doctors. Her tales of practice woes and wins inspire everyone in the room. There truly is only one "Maggie".

Dr. Victoria Peterson, CEO and co-founder of Productive Dentist Academy

Dr. Maggie Augustyn is a shining star, a gifted writer, and a profound speaker who has made it her life's mission to educate, inspire, and promote positive change. Every article she has written for us is on time, well written, and sends a positive message backed up by life experiences and statistics.

Anne Duffy, RDH, CEO, Editor and Publisher - Dental Entrepreneur Media

Maggie Augustyn is an extraordinary speaker whose impact goes beyond words – she's a catalyst for positive change. Her remarkable ability to connect with audiences on a profound level, coupled with her expert guidance on compassion, self-discovery, and achieving one's fullest potential, ensures that her speaking engagements leave a lasting, transformative impact.

Dr. Anissa Holmes, Founder DentalFlix, Founder Platinum & Ultimate Startup Coaching, Dental Industry Key Opinion Leader, Speaker

The ability to connect a critical learning lesson to an audience with a powerful story is a gift few have. Written or spoken - Maggie delivers just that - powerful stories with true value and impact.

Dr. David R Rice, Founder & CEO igniteDDS, Chief Editor DentistryIQ