Lie to Me: The Destructive Nature of Self Comparison

Join us on a transformative journey to discover the power of self-actualization. We’ve spent our lives uplifting others, nurturing our patients, teammates, and families, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to self-destruct with negative self-talk.

Enough with The Humble: Embrace Your Worth And Radiate Confidence

This lecture challenges societal norms by encouraging individuals to embrace their worth, reject false humility, and celebrate their accomplishments. Dr. Augustyn presents scientific research supporting the reality of change, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and authentic leadership to redefine confidence without arrogance.

Beyond The Drill: From Struggle to Success

It’s time to rewrite the narrative of our lives and embrace a new perspective. Join our lecture where we bid farewell to excessive humility and instead, etch our successes in stone and our challenges in sand. Dr. Augustyn explores the concept of humility and unveils the science behind the power of change through our thoughts.

The Indispensable Benefits of Compassion to The Provider

Discover the science of face-to-face communication and how patient-centered care, driven by neuron mirroring, fosters compassion and reduces patient anxiety. Better communication not only improves treatment compliance but also strengthens the provider-patient connection.