The Indispensable Benefits of Compassion to The Provider

Course Duration:

Full or partial-day format, depending on the needs and preferences of meeting planners and participants.

Course Description:

Compassion has a profound and often underestimated positive impact on the provider. Most providers who suffer from burnout or compassion fatigue often do not realize that practicing empathy during patient interaction is its very antidote. From understanding its impact on patient outcomes to exploring how compassion enhances the well-being of healthcare providers, we uncover the ripple effects of this powerful virtue. Discover how compassion not only fosters healing and connection but also improves the overall quality of our various realms of life. Let’s create a world where compassion is at the forefront of our interactions, leading to better healthcare outcomes and a more compassionate society, and a positive difference in our own lives.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To discuss the outdated, yet still practiced, role of a provider lacking compassion
  2. To discuss an inverse relationship between length of education and compassion toward a patient
  3. To discuss the phenomenon of neuron mirroring as it applies to patient relationships and plays a role in dispensing compassion
  4. To discuss and present scientific research in support of a changed dynamic within the dental field and as it benefits both the patient and provider
  5. To discuss how compassion fatigue can be prevented in providers with true human-to-human contact